A video to emphasize the need for affordable housing for my housing and economics students.

Lovely, golden and sustainable – my latest efforts at nourishing urbanism entail obsessive bread baking

ucb-break-the-mode: A new batch: all of these are proudly hand-made in the Physical & Environmental Planning (PEP) office on campus. Be sure to drop by on Wednesday morning for a button representing the mode of your choice! 

This is why sustainability matters… to borrow from the inscription I remember form the facade of Hilgard Hall… to rescue for human society (and posterity) the native values of rural life.

OMG. There is a bus that picks me up right outside work and drops me off a block from my front door. And it took me more than FIVE YEARS to discover this. Random conversation overheard on a college campus.  Anecdotal support for better information/outreach/marketing about alternative transportation options?  You be the judge.