My son Fritz making his bike / ped dad proud this weekend!  You wouldn’t believe he is a ¼ Punjabi.

Don’t let Bill Gates tell you how to design an organization… My old boss, Capt. Mike Valerio, Ed.D., on Powerpoint smartart. No offense Mr. Gates.  You are exceedingly brilliant, but just happen to have created a bit a piece of technology that has probably become a bit of a managerial crutch. 

Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall. Great reminder for my management students from Steven Covey; important to keep strategic focus / long-term vision while dealing with the day-to-day / people issues of running an organization.

thisistheverge: Can you find me now? How carriers sell your location and get away with it Companies are selling ‘anonymized’ location data left and right — but do they know how to keep it private?

Just used Haas guiding principles & work by @richlyons as case in my public agency management course – yes the public sector can learn from B-schools! (Source: