designersofthings: Wearables Go Mainstream with Simpsons Smart Glasses Spoof It looks like mainstream America is about to get an “eye-full” of wearable tech on Sunday. The Simpsons are featuring a story where Homer gets a pair of smart glasses and according to the video announcer ‘the glasses of the future are changing everyone’s perspective”.  We […]

Walkability / Bikeability Keywords

After reviewing the literature, here are the keywords we came up with to characterize what is walkability / bikability:  Safe Connectivity Natural Design Interaction  Encourage Children Handicapped Necessary Infrastructure Appealing Safety Physical Mental Infrastructure  Destinations Distances Spatial Safety Dimensions Safety Destination Mixed use Pedestrian  Bicyclist Safety Comfortable Separation Space Empowered Destinations Safety Space  Comfortable Separated […]

Very cool transit marketing project one of my students just completed.

Old windows from my house are finding very cool new life today as housing for homeless chickens (at Riggs Family Home)

Example of urban malignancy my son and I discovered this am: sidewalkus interuptus

My little man learning to ride gives added importance to my bicycle and pedestrian course this term.