Interview with Government Technology: Data, Analytics Will Reshape Chicago Curbside Management

Data, Analytics Will Reshape Chicago Curbside Management
The City Tech project aims to take a broader view, by understanding the many demands on any given section of curb across a city. The idea, said Ponce is, “to help cities better understand the breadth and the detail of curbside use, to equip them to better manage that space.”

It’s a topic that’s been raising a number of conversations across the spectrum of urban planning and transportation.

“Put simply, there is a lots of discussion about varied solutions to curb access but no real simple answers,” said Billy Riggs, a researcher and professor with expertise in transportation and smart mobility at the University of San Francisco.

Traditionally, cities have simply yielded curbs to parking — and in many cases free parking — while modern demands on the space have made curbs an increasingly valuable public asset that needs to be better managed.