Interview with SF Chronicle on COVID Job Recovery

A recent interview on the job impacts and social mobility policy and COVID recovery. Riggs said policymakers should “consider continuing to invest in social mobility programs and affordable housing programs that address structural economic inequities,” including job training.

Interview: Tesla Unveils Electric Vehicle Battery Breakthroughs; Investors Fear Long Wait To Adopt

Professor Billy Riggs, an electric car industry expert at the University of San Francisco, called today’s presentation “exciting”, but questioned current supply chain constraints of raw materials. “Today’s been a great day for the environment,” said Riggs, “But are there the natural resources outside of the ground today to meet that as quickly as we’re […]

Interview with Global Finance Magazine on Nio’s Growth Plans Just a few months ago, Nio had only $152 million left on the balance sheet and was not expected to survive. Since then, the company has enjoyed a stunning reversal of fortune. Not only it has successfully raised capital, but its second-quarter deliveries nearly tripled from the year-earlier period, prompting its US-listed shares to […]

Interview with Government Technology: Data, Analytics Will Reshape Chicago Curbside Management

Data, Analytics Will Reshape Chicago Curbside Management The City Tech project aims to take a broader view, by understanding the many demands on any given section of curb across a city. The idea, said Ponce is, “to help cities better understand the breadth and the detail of curbside use, to equip them to better […]

Feature of My One-Way Street Conversion Work

Feature of some of my work in LEO Weekly: Two-Way Streets Make Better Cities Who says two-way streets are better than one-way streets for cities? UofL urban and public affairs professor John “Hans” Gilderbloom and William Riggs of the University of San Francisco say they can be. They based their conclusion on a study […]