Dr. Riggs offers consulting, strategy and litigation support for technology, transportation, economic, housing, and land use companies and projects under the umbrella of Sustinere Consulting. His recent work has included a focus on smart cities, new mobility and autonomous driving technology, economic and community development, urban design, and new ways of the thinking about transportation demand management. In addition to project-related work, he is available as a speaker in a corporate or academic setting, and as an expert witness. Dr. Riggs has experience conducting seminars on leadership, sustainability, resiliency and future thinking. A sample of recent work includes:

Consulting & Strategy

    INTN.CITY, Municipal Blockchain Applications, Founder
    Atmos Financial, Senior Advisor
    American Battery Technology Company, marketing lead, growth and strategy
    Rikswaterstaat, Netherlands: Repackaging the Transportation Network as a Digital Product, senior advisor
    BMW Global, New Mobility Strategy, Advisor
    California Coastal Conservancy Low Cost Accommodations Mapping & Strategy
    Oppsites, marketing, growth & strategy
    Bzzt Stockholm, operations, marketing, growth & strategy
    Micromech, Advisor
    Elistik, board member
    ReStreet, founder

Litigation Support

    Malden Transportation, Inc. et al v. Uber Technologies, Inc. (Expert report, deposition & court testimony on behalf of Uber.)
    Additional confidential legal clients


Example Talks

Dr. William Riggs: Resiliency & Scale from William Riggs on Vimeo.