A few months ago I gave my dad a lecture on the elements of group form and the principles of Fumihiko Maki. He must have listed because this was the result. #remakingsuburbia

Bye bye DC. Thanks APA Planning & National League of Cities for a great meeting on autonomous vehicle policy. (at United States Capitol)

So proud of some of the sketching skills that emerged in my classes this semester. (at San Jose, California)

Just before fritz and I went on the half pipe (at Squaw Valley Ski Resort)

Posing like driver when none is required after great future sustainable mobility research meeting / strategy discussion @stanford w/ @stephenzoepf (at Stanford University)

Thanks to colleague Dr. Kara Kockelman for insisting that I get a photo of myself presenting my work. (at Walter E. Washington Convention Center)

My attempt to simply diagram my research program in the overlap between the built environment and behavior to graduate assistants somehow looks like the earth. Kind of fitting 😎 #researchfriday (at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly))

Loving the new parking tech @cal_poly ; now let’s do some dynamic pricing and incentives!!! (at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly))