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A lot of this is based on existing assumptions of travel behavior, which we can’t assume will be the same in an autonomous future…The caution is that we don’t overstate the doom that AVs will cause to society and then therefore undersell the potential benefit in terms of trip optimization and saved lives. Me in […]

“A household can bring in $120,000 to $140,000 in most places throughout the Bay Area, and still not be able to affording housing within a comfortable 30 percent of their monthly expenses,” Riggs explains SF Chronicle

Part of the onus is on cities to invest in building safe spaces Miami Herald

Many planners speculate that since autonomous car occupants no longer need to waste the time spent in their vehicles, they may drive more miles,” said William W. Riggs, a professor of management at the University of San Francisco who focuses on city planning and transportation. Government Technology

…it’s a race to the bottom. Interview with USA Today on subsidies from cities with Amazon HQ2 proposals

We (may) create another form of congestion–it just happens to be automated congestion. William Riggs, on autonomous vehicles and the future of cities in the most recent Economist special edition

Investing in certain areas that are potentially at-risk or that have what have been traditionally marginalized populations is a benefit to regions not only from a job accessibility, economic regeneration standpoint, but also from a cost-reduction and cost-deferral standpoint William Riggs, KPBS

Many large cities have large shares of individuals at the margins—for example tourists, recent immigrants, etc.—who may have no other means of accessing data given the difficulties and relative expense of getting cellular devices in the US William Riggs, Interviewed by Vice on the Continued Role Internet Cafes Play in Data Access 

I think that they recognize that these are not easy and simple solutions, but cities have been very receptive,” he said. “Primarily because we make not only a traffic case, but we’re showing that there could be a potential economic development benefit,” he said. “Given what our country has been through in the last six […]