Interview on Waymo’s AV Launch

This week I had the opportunity to talk to CBS Bay Area (KPIX) about the growth in the AV market and Waymo’s launch of driverless rides for employees. In terms of the image recognition technology – the technology has evolved substantially in the ability to differentiate, not only between different types of pedestrians – whether… Continue reading Interview on Waymo’s AV Launch

Interview on EV Industry

Recent interview with CBS on the electric vehicle market and accelerating gas prices: We’re seeing this perfect storm come together. There’s this big push to electrify, but at the same time the fossil fuel market is being squeezed Billy Riggs, KCBS Full video at:

Another Letter to CPUC

Governor Newsom and CPUC Commissioners: As an industry expert, professor and citizen of California I’d like to weigh in on the proposed the proposed solar tax and NEM 3.0 rules that would go into effect mid 2022. I currently work as a professor of management at University of San Francisco, focused on new and emerging… Continue reading Another Letter to CPUC

Welcome 2022 Lucky Playlist

Each year I try to make a mix that looks backward and forward. Here’s version 2022; sprinkled with a little bit of optimism laced with some bitterness and cautious skepticism. Fingers crossed that this year exceeds all the best of what you have imagined. 

Interview with SF Chronicle on COVID Job Recovery

A recent interview on the job impacts and social mobility policy and COVID recovery. Riggs said policymakers should “consider continuing to invest in social mobility programs and affordable housing programs that address structural economic inequities,” including job training.

Interview: Tesla Unveils Electric Vehicle Battery Breakthroughs; Investors Fear Long Wait To Adopt

Professor Billy Riggs, an electric car industry expert at the University of San Francisco, called today’s presentation “exciting”, but questioned current supply chain constraints of raw materials. “Today’s been a great day for the environment,” said Riggs, “But are there the natural resources outside of the ground today to meet that as quickly as we’re… Continue reading Interview: Tesla Unveils Electric Vehicle Battery Breakthroughs; Investors Fear Long Wait To Adopt