Dr. Riggs offers consulting, strategy and litigation support in the areas of technology, transportation, economic, housing, and land use. He was the founder of (2015) and Sustinere Consulting (2003) which was merged with INTNCITY, Inc. in 2022. His numerous publications have included a focus on many aspects of urban technology including: autonomous vehicles and automated driving technology; smart cities, rideshare, new mobility and creative transportation demand management (TDM); business models, economic and community development; urban design, housing and land use planning. In addition to project-related consulting work, he is available as a speaker in the corporate or academic setting, and as an expert witness.

Dr. Riggs has conducted many seminars on disruptive transport, entrepreneurship and leadership, sustainability, resiliency and future thinking. A sample of work includes:

Consulting & Strategy

  • INTNCITY: Blockchain Apps for Transport and Urban Development, Founder
  • SF Luv: Local Community Currency, Founder and Board Member
  • Atmos Financial: Senior Advisor and Strategist
  • Heex Technologies: Senior Advisor and Strategist
  • American Battery Technology Company: Former Advisor, Marketing Lead, Growth and Strategy
  • Rikswaterstaat (Netherlands): Senior Advisor
  • BMW Global: New Mobility and Strategy Advisor
  • California Coastal Conservancy: Low Cost Accommodations Mapping & Strategy
  • Oppsites: Former Advisor Marketing, Growth & Strategy
  • Bzzt Stockholm: Advisor on Operations, Marketing, and Growth Strategy
  • Micromech: Former Advisor
  • Elistik: Board Member
  • ReStreet: Founder

Litigation Support

  • Malden Transportation, Inc. et al v. Uber Technologies, Inc. (Expert report, deposition & court testimony on behalf of Uber.)
  • Additional confidential legal clients

Keynotes and Speaking Events


Billy has has also worked as a recording artist and music producer, having worked on award-winning projects with Frances England, Gabriel Riggs and Carlos Villarreal. His music is available through numerous online distributors and via direct download from

Example Talks

Dr. William Riggs: Resiliency & Scale from William Riggs on Vimeo.